Open Gardens and Smokie the Cat

As I sit at my PC writing this blog another of the thundery deluges we have been having this week carries on outside and I am joined by the newest member of our family – sitting on my lap and purring loudly.

Smokie the cat started off in our garden as a feral who tentatively came to the back door for the food we put out. We decided to ‘do our bit’ and contacted the wonderful Cats Protection League in Roudham who lent us a trap. Once trapped we took her to the League’s headquarters where she was neutered and checked over by their vets before being handed back to us. We have been very lucky that just six months later, and after a lot of patience, we have a tame, but still very timid, loving cat. See gallery photo. Smokie is very shy indeed and our guests so far have no idea that we have a cat at all, as she hides away from any unfamiliar voices, footsteps and happenings.

I mentioned the weather earlier which is a double edged sword as we are getting the garden ready for the Blooming Bressingham and Fragrant Fersfield Open Gardens event on the 25th/26th June in aid of our two churches. On one hand we can’t go out to perfect it but at least the downpours are doing all the watering for us!







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