Raft Spiders and Mechanical Street Music – it must be Spring!

We’re just back from a lovely walk around Redgrave & Lopham Fen on a beautiful Spring afternoon, during which we admired the blossom on the hedgerows and watched three buzzards lazily soaring on the thermals, and I felt in the mood for writing another blog!

The Fen is only about a mile away from Inglewood House and is home to the extremely rare Great Raft Spider. Although found in various parts of Europe, Redgrave & Lopham Fen was the first site in the UK at which a population of the Spider was ever recorded. That was in 1956 and, despite the fact that their body is 2cm long and their legs can span 7cm, I’ve still yet to actually see one! You can read more here.

Much easier to spot are the very colourful (and noisy!) street organs which will be coming to Diss on May 14th. This brand new event aims to be the biggest celebration of Mechanical Music in the UK. Over FORTY instruments, ranging from Dutch Street Organs, Fairground Organs and Concert Organs to Busker Organs and Musical Boxes will be ‘in play’ throughout Diss from 10-5pm. Something I didn’t know was that the world-famous organ builders Hill, Norman & Beard can trace their roots back to Beehive Yard, Diss while W.A. Boggis, another internationally known organ building company, originated in Louie’s Lane, Diss. You can read more here.

As an added attraction there will be a Rally of vintage tractors, cars and military vehicles in the Park alongside Diss Mere – I won’t know where to look first!, but I must say I am really blessed to live in such a beautiful and vibrant part of the Country.

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