Fresh Apple Juice!

In my previous blog I mentioned the purchase of a Fruit Press. As is always the case, time passed and things happened (it’s good to be busy!) so it was only this week that we got around to trying it out.

The wind has been strong recently, so we’ve been able to collect plentiful supplies of windfalls from the various apple trees with which to make a ‘mixed flavour’ juice.


Being new to the game, we made the rookie mistake of not chopping the apples finely enough at first but, once we had learned our lesson, then the juice really started flowing!

From a fairly full tub-trug of apples we produced 4.5 litres of juice. Due to the colour of some of the apples, it is a much darker liquid than you would buy in the Supermarket, but it tastes really nice! I imagine we could also dilute it, like squash?


Having done a little research, we are assured that it freezes really well so, in preparation for the event, we’d been cutting down our old plastic milk bottles to form moulds in which we could put half-litre bags of juice. That was really successful, so now we have nine ‘blocks’ in our freezer.

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