Happy Easter!

HWhat a glorious Easter Sunday has greeted us, this morning!

The temperature is set to be in the mid-20’s C and the sky is a uniform clear blue.

There is hardly any wind, so all seems ‘calm and peaceful’ with the World.

The Chickens have informed us, in their usual cheery, clucky, way that they have laid tomorrow morning’s eggs, the Cherry trees have burst-forth with their blossom.

The pink Cherry Tree outside the Purple Bedroom’s window
The White Cherry Tree outside the Cream Bedroom’s window

The Marsh marigolds around the pond are in full bloom and the Oil Seed Rape in the field at the bottom of the garden suddenly also became bright yellow, overnight, a few days ago in the way that only it can.

Marsh Marigolds around the Pond and Oil Seed Rape in the field adding a splash of yellow!

This morning’s breakfasts are served and cleared away and now there is a brief lull before we welcome the extended family for an Easter Lunch. I wonder whether the Easter Bunny has been yet?

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