Merry Christmas!

I think it goes without saying that 2020 has been a strange year for us all, and certainly not the one we were expecting as the New Year came in just under twelve months ago! We wish Good Health to all those who have stayed with us during the year, in previous years, and those […]

Fairy Ring

We have created a number of ‘habitats’ around the garden for insects and small creatures. It seems that this one, The Bug Hotel, was visited by the fairies during the night as the ring now has what appears to be a small café formed of fungi

Bressingham Steam ‘On Track’

I first visited Bressingham Steam Museum as a child in 1964 when my father had just bought his first ‘new car’ and, as with all cars in that era, it needed to be Run In. Where better to go on our first trip? I don’t remember at what speed we drove up the A140, but […]

Bringing in the Harvest

One of my lasting childhood memories is running down to the bottom of our garden to watch the Combine lumber past, gathering the Corn and spewing out clouds of dust with the chaff as it progressed across the field. As the years have passed, my children have grown up enjoying the same experience – they […]

Three French Hens

Although we haven’t had any guests for a while, due to the COVID lockdown, our roadside stall selling Eggs and Cut Flowers has been a real success! A couple of weeks ago one of our older hens sadly died so we decided to expand the flock by adding a further three young chickens. Gillian has […]

An Eggs-ellent idea

As our hens are not aware that we are living through the COVID-19 shutdown, they are continuing to lay eggs which would, in normal times, have been enjoyed by our guests as part of their Full English Breakfast. We can only eat so many cakes, quiches and omelettes ourselves, so we thought it would be […]

VE Day Red Arrows Fly past

It was a great thrill to see that the Red Arrow’s VE Day flight path would pass directly over Inglewood House, en-route for Buckingham Palace this morning. They were, as might be expected, exactly on time but came at such speed that we weren’t able to catch a picture of them. Instead here is a […]

Working from Home

The view from my Office is a slightly ‘tongue-in cheek’ caption for this photo, in that we don’t usually conduct our business from a hammock in the garden but, with weather like we have been having recently and with all the fruit & cherry trees being in full blossom, why not? In reality, the ‘lockdown’ […]

A Chicken called Ian

As our trusty band of hens are becoming ‘old ladies’ and rather intermittent layers, we decided that we’d introduce some new blood to the flock in the Spring. Just as we were having that idea, Gillian learned of some hens that were in need of re-homing due to a marital split and we agreed to […]

We Plough the Fields

After quite a few days of grey skies, rain and strong winds it was a great delight to wake up this morning and look out to see the brightness of the sunshine over the Waveney Valley. The field directly behind us has already been harvested, cultivated and drilled with next year’s crop but in the […]