Working from Home

The view from my Office is a slightly ‘tongue-in cheek’ caption for this photo, in that we don’t usually conduct our business from a hammock in the garden but, with weather like we have been having recently and with all the fruit & cherry trees being in full blossom, why not?

The View from my Office

In reality, the ‘lockdown’ that is currently in place hasn’t altered our lives, too much. Very little traffic passes through Wilney Green even in ‘normal’ times so, for us, life has continued very much as normal. The Postman and Dustmen continue to call and the internet, although sometimes a little ‘rural’, is doing us proud despite the enormous strain it must be under, nationally.

For obvious reasons we’ve not been having any guests at Inglewood House, in the past few weeks, but this has given us a chance to get on with all the ‘spring cleaning’ jobs in the garden – the first few grass cuts of the year, the planting of vegetable seeds and their subsequent pricking out, and the building of butterfly net cages to protect them once they are ‘growing on’ in the vegetable patches.

A recent project has been to make seed trays from sections of old guttering with gaffer-tape ends, which can be removed at a later date to ease the transfer of the seedling bearing soil straight into the ground.

Seed trays – some are re-purposed guttering

The white cherry outside the Cream Bedroom’s window is as magnificent as it always is at this time of year, as are the pink cherries that can be seen from the Purple Bedroom.

The White Cherry outside the Cream Bedroom
The Pink Cherry which can be seen from the Purple Bedroom
and Marsh Marigolds around the Pond

The apple trees are also in full flower, so it looks as if we will have a good crop later in the year. Also, a plentiful supply of Blueberries and grapes!

Apple Blossom

Guests are always welcome to have a stroll around the garden and many do. We look forward to being able to resume this pleasure as soon as the lockdown eases.

In the meantime, we hope that everyone stays well & safe.