Talking about the weather

Well, here we are in the second week of September. Shall I be terribly British and talk about the weather? Over the last few weeks we have had atrocious rain and there was even a mini Tornado in a village 3 miles north east of here! I am so pleased that the weather abated for our guests over the bank holiday as they were attending a wedding locally, with the day being sunny and warm.

Sitting writing this in our garden I am looking at a lovely blue sky and soaring high above is a Buzzard. That “Kee Kee” call always amazes me, as it make me think that I am holiday in the highlands of Scotland, but here they are thriving in Norfolk.

Other recent arrivals in the garden are a family of young Pheasants taking refuge from the hubbub of the harvest in the field behind us. They have obviously enjoyed it so much that they decided to stay. Some of them are pictured in the latest addition to the gallery. Bed and Breakfast for wildlife too!

A very handsome adult male Pheasant in his full and very colourful plumage can often also be seen strutting his stuff just outside the dining room window, a little confused by his own reflection. I hope he doesn’t take too much of a liking to our chickens!

A couple of years ago we planted a small wild-flower meadow area specifically to attract Turtle Doves as we had seen this very rare bird in our garden. After some initial success, they seem to have migrated to a village three miles away as you can see & read in a great blog with some superb images by local wildlife photographer Dawn Monrose: I am hoping that, when they return from Africa next year, they will come and visit us too.

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