Spring has Sprung

Spring has definitely sprung in Inglewood House’s garden – and the grass has risen enough to need cutting, too. The birds have all paired off and are busy nesting. We have several nest boxes dotted around and most already have residents. There have even been tree-top fights between magpies, crows and squirrels over ‘prime real-estate’. A very elegant cock pheasant, resplendent in his full breeding plumage, struts his stuff each morning and then stands guard while his ladies visit our bird feeder just outside the dining room window. Once they have gone, the smaller birds such as robins, finches and dunnocks come for their ‘turn’, followed by the blackbirds and pigeons – a real pecking order!

The crocus and snowdrop display under the Silver Birch is now over, but the carpet of cowslips and primulas under the fruit trees continues to be a delight to see, as always. There are plenty of buds on the fruit trees and the Pink Cherry, visible from the Purple bedroom, has burst into flower – see the photo on our gallery page. The White Cherry outside the Cream Bedroom’s window is always a couple of weeks behind so is something to look forward to in the next week or so.

In the pond there is also new growth, in the form of Marsh Marigolds and a host of squiggly tadpoles. We’ve given them a tub trug, sunken in the ‘shallow end’, in which to hide from the fish but I think they are very nearly big enough to swim free. Our guests love wandering around the garden, looking at the plants and chickens – I wonder how many frogs they will see, later in the year?

We are very much looking forward to the last weekend in June when we will be one of about 20 gardens participating in the Bressingham & Fersfield Open Gardens event. More on this next time but, meanwhile here is the link to the dedicated website: www.opengardens.co.uk/open_gardens.php?id=1709


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