New Arrivals

After the excitement of the Tawny Owls fledging (see, things settled down to the usual summer routine, here at Inglewood House – longer days, adult birds bringing their youngsters to the feeders, young squirrels being shown around by their parents (with particular attention being given to the Walnut tree!), deer barking in the orchard and lots of lovely guests attending Weddings and Birthday Celebrations.

In recent days the Combine has made its annual visit to harvest the fields around us, followed closely behind by the Baler. It doesn’t seem very long since the fields were being drilled – and how did they turn from green to yellow so quickly? Once the bales have been collected they will, no doubt, be turning brown again and the sequence will start all over again.

Meanwhile the Buzzards are enjoying being able to circle lazily over the wide open expanse!

Our own flock has increased recently, too – a local farmer’s daughter was contacting everyone she knew, desperately trying to find new homes for some hens that she had heard of, who had outgrown their ‘commercially useful’ life. Realistically we could only take two, despite her efforts to encourage us to take more of the ‘several thousand’. To start with we kept them in the run of the larger coop, in the middle of the covered run. They settled in well and fed happily. The others went to see them but soon wandered off, having shown very little interest.

After a couple of days they were introduced fully to the others and soon ‘found their place’ in the pecking order. We have named one Aggie (as she was a little scraggy – although she has already started to grow new feathers) and the other is Meg (short for Nutmeg, as that is her colour). They lay lovely brown eggs which nicely complement those of the Speckledy hens, the lighter ones from our Silver-laced Wyandottes and the smaller Bantam’s eggs.

In past years, we’ve had so many apples we couldn’t eat them all, so we’ve invested in an Fruit Press so that we can make our own apple juice for serving at the breakfast table alongside the homemade bread, jams and potato scones. As I write this, it seems that the damp weather we had earlier in the year is also a distant memory – perhaps we are in for an Indian Summer, once again?

Last Modified on August 25, 2017
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