We Plough the Fields

After quite a few days of grey skies, rain and strong winds it was a great delight to wake up this morning and look out to see the brightness of the sunshine over the Waveney Valley.

The field directly behind us has already been harvested, cultivated and drilled with next year’s crop but in the one beyond that sugar beet have been steadily growing and today is the day that they are being lifted.

There have been distant rumblings coming from the farmyard up the road for the last couple of days as beet from other fields has been loaded into the lorries to be taken to the British Sugar factory at Bury St Edmunds and today is this field’s turn.

Ploughing the field

Such is the speed of modern agriculture that there are four machines working at once – one lifting the beet, one bringing the trailer into which it is loaded on the move, one ploughing the field once the beet has been lifted and one drilling next year’s crop!

Lifting the beet, loading the trailer and drilling the next crop

It’s fascinating to watch, especially from the warmth of our ground-source fed, underfloor heated, house as the temperature out there, despite the sunlight, is a chilly 6 degrees!

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