Young Fledglings

Over the past few weeks we have been watching a lot of birds going to and fro with mouthfuls of grubs and seeds as their offspring have hatched. We have a number of nest boxes of differing designs in various locations around the garden, designed to appeal to such birds as Robins, Sparrows, Wrens, Blue […]


Bees! We are most fortunate to have some Bee Orchids growing ‘wild’ in our grass. Three years ago there were two, near the bottom of the garden – where they came from is anyone’s guess. They obviously like it here, though – they have spread as their seed has blown up the garden and even […]

Heritage Steam Gala at Bressingham Steam & Gardens

Bressingham Steam & Gardens, which is about a mile from Inglewood House, holds a Heritage Steam Gala each Spring in which the resident Traction Engines & Road Rollers and standard & narrow gauge Railway Engines are joined by several visiting engines – one of which, this year, is from the Bala Lake Railway in North […]

Happy Easter!

HWhat a glorious Easter Sunday has greeted us, this morning! The temperature is set to be in the mid-20’s C and the sky is a uniform clear blue. There is hardly any wind, so all seems ‘calm and peaceful’ with the World. The Chickens have informed us, in their usual cheery, clucky, way that they […]

Frog Spawn!

The weather may still be very changeable, and the wind has been howling for several days, but the local frogs must certainly think it’s Spring, if the Frog Spawn that we spotted in the Pond this morning, is anything to go by!

Looking Forward

After the very short attempt at ‘Winter’, the sun is shining and it’s feeling very Spring-like. The tall conifer is absolutely covered in little red ‘lady-bird like’ cones and the pigeons are adoring the blossom on the Mirabelle Plum tree. Looking forward, many of the local attractions have started announcing their ‘Special events’ dates. The […]

Bertie the Black Cat

Bertie the, once very timid, black feral cat who adopted us last November has, over the intervening months, become very human-tolerating and has taken to following us around the garden with a “what you doin’?” type expression on his face. He also loves sitting any box he can find, so it was little surprise to […]

Open Gardens Weekend – 2nd & 3rd June 2018

We were delighted to be invited, once again, to take part in the Bressingham & Fersfield Open Gardens Weekend – Blooming Bressingham & Fragrant Fersfield on 2nd & 3rd June. It was held a little earlier than before this year which, as Spring had been delayed by the ‘Beast from the East’, presented a few […]


After a few feeble attempts earlier this winter, the winter finally arrived on Tuesday. Initially we had about 3 inches of snow, but a further 7 inches arrived today making everything smooth and glistening in the intervals of bright sunshine between the ‘white-outs’. Fortunately we don’t have any guests due today and, as we didn’t […]